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Lost Property

Seasoned or very sensible travellers tend to make photocopies of their important documents (passports, ID, credit card numbers, mobile phone IMEI number and SIM card details, insurance details etc) before they leave home. If you don’t fall into that category and end up having the character building experience of a theft or loss whilst in Milan follow these steps.

Cancel your credit cards by telephone. (American Express 24 Hour Customer Service Tel: 06 72282, Visa/Mastercard 24 Hour Tel: 800 819 014)

Call your mobile phone service provider and have them block your SIM card. (Vodafone Tel: 800 227 755).

It’s pretty pointless to report any kind of crime in Italy, as the several police institutions serve mainly as a registration service at best and are xenophobic and aggressive at worst. If you lose your passport however, you’ll need a police statement to present to your embassy or consulate.

Police stations are located in the main streets across Milan:

Via Malpensa Tel: 02 585 86111
» Via Attilio Regolo Tel: 02 580 761
» Via Cadamosto Alvise Tel: 02 205 2101
» Via Poma Carlo Tel: 02 754 1131
» Via Falck Enrico Tel: 02 339 3171
» Via Malpensa Tel: 02 585 84511

The best possible approach is of course prevention rather than cure - be vigilant at all times and aware that where there are tourists, there are thieves. Pickpockets in Italy can be as young as six or seven years old and are well versed in the art of pretending you've abused them in some way if you catch them stealing from you.

Cash and other valuables are best carried in a money belt under your clothes and certainly not in a wallet in your back pocket or backpack. Be particularly vigilant in any crowded situation such as on a bus. Muggings are more rare than incidents of pocket-picking but not unheard of. This situation is best avoided by not getting too drunk and staying in well lit places where other people are present.

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