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Weather in Milan

Milan, a bit like Manchester, has a bit of a reputation in Italy for rain. Situated just below the Alps that form the geological border between France and Italy, this luscious region of northern Italy proves to be a rain trap, where the warm north African breezes meet their Siberian counterparts amidst a garnishing of snow and ice and the Mediterranean weather system.

Summer in Milan is typically Mediterranean, but can be uncomfortably hot and humid in high summer. Due to its location in the Po valley basin, the city can often become shrouded in a light fog, particularly in the morning. However, recent anti-pollution measures, assisted by the reduction of heavy industry in the city, have begun to improve the air quality, particularly in the sticky summer.

Winters are fairly cold compared with the rest of Italy, but never severe. Temperatures occasionally drop below zero in January and February, and snowfall is not uncommon, although it has become less frequent with the onset of global warming. Autumn and spring are when Milan’s climate is at its most comfortable, though they are also the wettest seasons. But don’t be surprised if it rains at any time of the year! With plenty to entertain you during your visit, both indoor and outdoor, the climate should not affect your enjoyment of the city, regardless of your tolerance to the hot weather. You’ll find all the best hotels have air-conditioning!

You can get a full five-day weather forecast from BBC World Weather at As for what kind of clothing to bring, here’s a quick guide:

Winter: (November - March): Pack your woolies! And waterproofs! During the day things aren’t quite so bad but there’s a biting wind and always the chance of precipitation of some form or another!

Spring: (March - June): The finest time of year to visit Italy - just ask all the other tourists! A jacket or coat for the evenings should suffice, along with a few sweaters. Hat and scarf are probably not necessary.

Summer: (June - September): Hot and humid, even at night, you’ll never need more than a t-shirt for warmth and sandals and light pants for your bottom half. Having said that, you’ll still need waterproofs if you want to be thoroughly prepared!

Autumn: (September - November): After Spring, the second best time to visit Italy! For what to pack, see Spring time (above), and, you guessed it - waterproofs!

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Weather in Milan


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